“This year for my birthday I received a ReliveTONIGHT camera. I need to share that I have never had so much fun with a gift in my life!  We decided that first time we would use it was on our Spring Break trip to Myrtle Beach. Now it’s a fact that humans forget about 40% of what happened to them the day before. And I have a feeling when we go out that percentage is a bit higher 😉 I wore it out the first night to Celebrity Circle along with a birthday crown. Everyone was pumped up to be going out on our first night of spring break with this camera to remember the whole experience. We walked straight through to Senor Frogs, the most crowded and popular club, where the line was taking people hours to get in. Even the VIP line was much too long so we walked right up of it and told the bouncer that it was my birthday, showed him my ReliveTONIGHT, and that we were capturing the whole night on camera! He smiled and said he always wanted to be on TV and let us right in. Shortly after that we all forgot I was even wearing the camera. We partied all night long and continued to our hotel on the beach for the after party. The next morning we woke up and started talking about how it was one of the most exciting nights we have had and couldn’t wait for tonight. I picked up the clothes I had on the night before and suddenly remembered I was wearing the camera and screamed. We put it on immediately and have never laughed so hard in our lives. There we were on the TV like the Jersey Shore or something. My ReliveTONIGHT caught my friend dancing on stage with the DJ, all the new friends we had made and would have never remembered, and even a few of us running into the ocean! If they say a picture is worth one thousand words… then the footage from my ReliveTONIGHT is worth a MILLION!”  -Alyse S (North Carolina)