(Beer) Olympics

Have people split into teams ahead of time and pick a country.  Teams come dressed in their country’s colors and compete against other guests in a series of games to win bronze, silver, and gold medals.  Click here for a list of ideas for events.

Around the world

Designate each part of your house to be a different part of the world.  Decorate that place like that region and serve drinks (and food too if you’re ambitious) from that area.  For example, Hawaii may have a Tiki hut and serve Pina coladas.

Highlighter party

Put up black lights and tell everyone ahead of time to come dressed in a white T-shirt they don’t mind ruining (or enhancing – depending on how you look at it).  When guests arrive, hand them a highlighter and tell them to decorate each other’s shirts.  The highlighter will glow in the black light and when you wake up the next morning, hopefully you’ll have some phone numbers.  The trouble just may be remembering who put what number where…

Rubix cube

Instruct everyone to come dressed in a bunch of different colors using items they don’t mind losing.  Then let everyone know the goal is to trade items of clothing with other people until you’re wearing all of one color by the end of the night.  It’s the easiest way to get someone’s shirt off, and not a bad way to make an excuse for another meeting.  “Hey, uhhh…can I get my pants back?”

Stoplight party

Guests wear either green, yellow, or red.  Red means you’re taken, yellow means it’s complicated, and green means I’m 100% single.  It’s never been easier to tell who’s looking for a good time…


Host this party shortly after a long holiday where students typically head home.  Give them formal invites way ahead of time and let them know to bring their old prom dresses and suits (or teal tuxes if you were one of those guys) back to school with them.  Encourage dates and maybe even offer to match up singles with other singles.  Make a bowl of punch (hopefully spiked this time), decorate with some balloons, and make sure those high school hits are on the playlist.  Don’t forget a few slow dances here and there.  If you want to go all out, you can even set up a decorated corner of the room for prom photos.  And the best thing about “Boozecoming”?  It makes it super easy to round up that same group for a “Boozegoing” senior bar crawl…

Handcuff party

This one can be a little intense, but super fun.  When guests come in, handcuff (or zip tie – they’re much cheaper) each guest to another guest of the opposite sex.  If it’s a random guest of the opposite sex, even better.  Then tell them they can only be “uncuffed” by completing some task (i.e. you and your partner finish a 40/create and perform a dance routine/successfully answer 3 questions about the other person’s interests, etc.).  To add to the fun, have girls dress as dirty cops and guys dress as masculine robbers.

Golf Pros and Tennis hoes/Bros and hoes/ CEOs and corporate hoes (and everything else like it party).

Basically a way for girls and guys to dress in sexy attire

Lingerie party

Want to see girls (or guys) in their underwear?  Have a competition with prizes for the hottest lingerie as voted on by the cheering crowd to really spice it up.

Flashlight party

Pretend like it’s a power outage (except for some reason the music still works) and tell everyone to bring their own flashlight as that will be the only light at the party.  There’s something about a natural disaster (or the feeling of one at least) that brings people together…

Monopoly Money Party

Give everyone $5 in singles at the door.  Tell them they can use these bills to pay for things that they want from other guests at the party.  To encourage more spending and earning, let them know also that there are rewards for guests who earn the most money by the end of the night (and of course also for those who got the biggest bang for their buck).

Anything but clothes party

Yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like.  You’d be surprised at how creative people can be with a roll of duct tape, some cardboard or a twister mat.

WTF? Party

Dress as ridiculous as possible.  The goal of this party is to have people look at you and say…WTF?

Toga party

The most classic theme of all, thanks to Animal House.  Click here for instructions on how to make a toga.

Shower party

For this one, you need a common shower area, like frat house.  Have everyone dress in swim wear, bring the booze to the showers, turn the showers on and let the fun begin.  Works even better in winter months when it’s almost like an escape to a day at the beach.

Moustache party

Yup, girls too.  Consider offering prizes for the best ‘stache.

Beach party

Suffering through a case of the winter blues?  Put on some Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffet, have everyone come in a swimsuit, serve tropical drinks, and enjoy your “day at the beach”!  If you want to go all out, you can even bring in some sand…just remember, that shit gets everywhere!

Decade party

20s, 60s, 70s, 80s, etc.  Pick a decade, tell people to dress like people from that decade, and make sure the playlist matches.

Middle school party

Bring back candy necklaces, spin the bottle, 7 minutes in heaven and Twister.  Provide guests with pens and post its to pass notes and crank up the jams you listened to back in the day.  Imagine how much more fun middle school would have been with alcohol.

Letter party

Pick a letter and have guests dress like something that starts with that letter.  Half the fun is dressing up, and the other half is guessing what other people are.

No pants party

Yup, that’s right, no pants!  Alright, so you can be lame and just wear shorts, or be more creative.  Girls in skirts is always nice and kilts for men is a good time.  Or f**k it, just take it literally and show up in just your underwear!

Get it bright get it tight

Guests wear either very bright or very tight fitting clothes.  Bonus points if you find a way to do both.  In addition to some very sexy outfits, you’re also bound to get a few guests dressed in onesies.