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    How do I use the custom design tool?

    1. Upload an image by clicking the “UPLOAD IMAGE” button, selecting an image file on your computer or device, and clicking ‘open’ – or – select a background color.

    2. Move your image by clicking and dragging.

    3. Resize your image by clicking and dragging an edge or corner of your image.

    4. Rotate or flip your image using the buttons below the “upload image” button.

    5. To add text, first choose the shape you would like the text to appear in, the color, style, font, and size. Then type the desired text into the “custom text” text box, and click the “Add Text” button.

    6.  Move text by clicking and dragging.

    7. Take care while designing to keep all important text and background components within the large gray circle and away from the smaller “lens” circle.

    8. When you are done editing, click the “Preview Image” button to ensure that you are satisfied with your design and then click the “add to cart” button to proceed to checkout.

    9. You can preview your design again before purchase from the shopping cart.

    10. Finish checking out. No go relax and sit tight, your camera is on its way.

    Which file types can I upload?

    You can upload any png, gif or jpeg files smaller than 2 MB.

    My image is too large to upload, how can I shrink it?

    Try using an online image editor such as http://www.picresize.com or If you have image editing software on your computer, you may use that instead.

    How can I make a line break to split up text?

    Typing  ‘<br>’ between words will cause a line break.  Note that this feature will only work on straight ‘Line’ text.

    How can I further customize my design?

    If you would like you can create your design first in another program (e.g. Photoshop) and upload it as your background image.

    For more advanced users who don’t wish to use a separate program, the custom design tool allows for some basic html commands. These features are recommended for users who are at least somewhat familiar with HTML. As mentioned above you can create line breaks with <br>, but there are many basic HTML tags available, such as <small>, <big>, or <h> tags (<h1><h2><h3><h4>). Have some fun and see what you can come up with.

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