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Party Tips

(Beer) Olympics

Written on December 29, 2013 at 1:20 am, by

Imagine one of the best theme parties you’ve ever been to.  Now imagine a time you competed with a team in something you took great joy and pride in and the rush you got as a result.  Now imagine combining these two amazing memories together and you have what it feels like to partake in a beer Olympics.  There are multiple variations on how it can be hosted or the events that in can include, so here is one way it can work:

  1. Ahead of time, invitees should be split up into teams.  The number on each team should be as equal as possible.  However, if teams have slightly different amounts, you can get around this by having limits on how many people per team can participate in each event and having teams rotate players in.  For tournament style games, it also works best to have either 4 or 8 teams.  You can either leave it up to friends to make their own teams, or select team captains and have them draft their teams from those planning to attend.
  2. Each team selects a country and of course, does their best to dress like that country.  Bonus points if teams learn chants or songs of their country to shout throughout the event.
  3. Create an Olympic scoreboard and scoring system so teams can keep track of how they’re doing and talk smack throughout the event.  A white board set up as a grid with teams along one side and events along the other should do just fine.  Each event should be played until at least a gold, silver, and bronze winner is determined.  Let teams know how many points they will win for each event (something like 3 for gold, 2 for silver, and 1 for bronze usually works fine).
  4. Secure plenty of beer.  Depending on what events and how many you decide to have, each team will most likely need at least a few cases worth.
  5. Host an opening ceremony.  Have each team march in to their county’s anthem, light an olympic torch (/candle), and give a riveting speech to get everyone fired up for the first event!

Case Race

Each team gets a case of beer.  First team to finish wins!  Well really, everyone wins, because everyone now has a good buzz.  And depending on the intensity of the competitors, you may want to have a trashcan nearby for this event.

Beer pong tournament

One of the most popular drinking games of our time.  Set up a bracket that allows for a first, second, and third place finish.  Since there are many rule variations for this game, be sure to spell them out ahead of time.  Consider using 6 cups instead of 10 to speed things up.

Steeple Chase Relay Race

Each team member that is participating receives a straw and fills an ice cube tray with a can of beer.  At the start, the first team member uses their straw to finish the tray of beer.  When the first team member is done, the next team member goes, and so on, until the final team member finishes their tray.  Depending on the number of ice trays available, this event can either be set up where all teams go at once or each team is timed with a stopwatch.

Pitcher Chug

Each team receives a pitcher with an equal amount of beer.  Each team member must drink at least a sip from the pitcher, and once a team member passes the pitcher on to the next person, they cannot drink again.  The first team to finish wins.

Flip Cup

Each team member fills their plastic cup with a little bit of beer.  At the start, the first person chugs their beer, places their cup open side up hanging slightly off the edge of the table, then attempts to flip the cup so it lands open side down on the table.  Once this is accomplished, the next person in line does the same, and so on, until all team members have drank their beer and flipped their cups successfully onto the table.  This event can be set up tournament style, or in a format where two teams face off at a time, the winner stays, the loser rotates out, and the first team to total 10 wins gets the gold.

Dizzy Bat

This event is sure to lead to some laughs (see here).  Each team needs two participants.  At the start, one participant chugs a beer as fast as they can (some variations involve cutting the end off the wiffle bat, pouring the beer in, and drinking it from the bat) and gives the empty can to the 2nd teammate.  Teammate #1 then puts their head on the wiffle bat and spins around 10 times as fast as they can.  Teammate #2 tosses the empty beer can to teammate #1 who attempts to hit the can with the wiffle bat.  This part repeats until teammate #1 successfully hits the can.  The first team to connect with a hit wins.  This event can be set up as a timed event or where all teams go at once.

Civil War

This game is somewhat similar to beer pong.  Each team selects 3 players, each team takes the opposite end of a table, and each player sets up 3 cups in a row in front of them.  The goal of the game is to knock out all of the opposing teams players by making the balls into their cups.  Each person starts with a ping pong ball.  Once the game starts, it does not matter what order players shoot in – whoever has a ball can shoot whenever they want to.  When a ball is made into an opposing players cup, that player must remove that cup and finish the beer that is in their cup.  That player cannot resume shooting until they finish their beer.  Once a player loses all three of their cups, they are out of the game.  The first team to knock out all the opposing team’s players wins.


This game is a ton of fun but can be a bit to explain.  However, this video does a pretty good job of demonstrating how it works.  This game will need to be played tournament style.

In the end, while only one team may go home with the trophy, everybody wins because this event is guaranteed to be a blast for everyone involved!

Best Party Themes of All Time

Written on December 28, 2013 at 10:51 pm, by

(Beer) Olympics

Have people split into teams ahead of time and pick a country.  Teams come dressed in their country’s colors and compete against other guests in a series of games to win bronze, silver, and gold medals.  Click here for a list of ideas for events.

Around the world

Designate each part of your house to be a different part of the world.  Decorate that place like that region and serve drinks (and food too if you’re ambitious) from that area.  For example, Hawaii may have a Tiki hut and serve Pina coladas.

Highlighter party

Put up black lights and tell everyone ahead of time to come dressed in a white T-shirt they don’t mind ruining (or enhancing – depending on how you look at it).  When guests arrive, hand them a highlighter and tell them to decorate each other’s shirts.  The highlighter will glow in the black light and when you wake up the next morning, hopefully you’ll have some phone numbers.  The trouble just may be remembering who put what number where…

Rubix cube

Instruct everyone to come dressed in a bunch of different colors using items they don’t mind losing.  Then let everyone know the goal is to trade items of clothing with other people until you’re wearing all of one color by the end of the night.  It’s the easiest way to get someone’s shirt off, and not a bad way to make an excuse for another meeting.  “Hey, uhhh…can I get my pants back?”

Stoplight party

Guests wear either green, yellow, or red.  Red means you’re taken, yellow means it’s complicated, and green means I’m 100% single.  It’s never been easier to tell who’s looking for a good time…


Host this party shortly after a long holiday where students typically head home.  Give them formal invites way ahead of time and let them know to bring their old prom dresses and suits (or teal tuxes if you were one of those guys) back to school with them.  Encourage dates and maybe even offer to match up singles with other singles.  Make a bowl of punch (hopefully spiked this time), decorate with some balloons, and make sure those high school hits are on the playlist.  Don’t forget a few slow dances here and there.  If you want to go all out, you can even set up a decorated corner of the room for prom photos.  And the best thing about “Boozecoming”?  It makes it super easy to round up that same group for a “Boozegoing” senior bar crawl…

Handcuff party

This one can be a little intense, but super fun.  When guests come in, handcuff (or zip tie – they’re much cheaper) each guest to another guest of the opposite sex.  If it’s a random guest of the opposite sex, even better.  Then tell them they can only be “uncuffed” by completing some task (i.e. you and your partner finish a 40/create and perform a dance routine/successfully answer 3 questions about the other person’s interests, etc.).  To add to the fun, have girls dress as dirty cops and guys dress as masculine robbers.

Golf Pros and Tennis hoes/Bros and hoes/ CEOs and corporate hoes (and everything else like it party).

Basically a way for girls and guys to dress in sexy attire

Lingerie party

Want to see girls (or guys) in their underwear?  Have a competition with prizes for the hottest lingerie as voted on by the cheering crowd to really spice it up.

Flashlight party

Pretend like it’s a power outage (except for some reason the music still works) and tell everyone to bring their own flashlight as that will be the only light at the party.  There’s something about a natural disaster (or the feeling of one at least) that brings people together…

Monopoly Money Party

Give everyone $5 in singles at the door.  Tell them they can use these bills to pay for things that they want from other guests at the party.  To encourage more spending and earning, let them know also that there are rewards for guests who earn the most money by the end of the night (and of course also for those who got the biggest bang for their buck).

Anything but clothes party

Yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like.  You’d be surprised at how creative people can be with a roll of duct tape, some cardboard or a twister mat.

WTF? Party

Dress as ridiculous as possible.  The goal of this party is to have people look at you and say…WTF?

Toga party

The most classic theme of all, thanks to Animal House.  Click here for instructions on how to make a toga.

Shower party

For this one, you need a common shower area, like frat house.  Have everyone dress in swim wear, bring the booze to the showers, turn the showers on and let the fun begin.  Works even better in winter months when it’s almost like an escape to a day at the beach.

Moustache party

Yup, girls too.  Consider offering prizes for the best ‘stache.

Beach party

Suffering through a case of the winter blues?  Put on some Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffet, have everyone come in a swimsuit, serve tropical drinks, and enjoy your “day at the beach”!  If you want to go all out, you can even bring in some sand…just remember, that shit gets everywhere!

Decade party

20s, 60s, 70s, 80s, etc.  Pick a decade, tell people to dress like people from that decade, and make sure the playlist matches.

Middle school party

Bring back candy necklaces, spin the bottle, 7 minutes in heaven and Twister.  Provide guests with pens and post its to pass notes and crank up the jams you listened to back in the day.  Imagine how much more fun middle school would have been with alcohol.

Letter party

Pick a letter and have guests dress like something that starts with that letter.  Half the fun is dressing up, and the other half is guessing what other people are.

No pants party

Yup, that’s right, no pants!  Alright, so you can be lame and just wear shorts, or be more creative.  Girls in skirts is always nice and kilts for men is a good time.  Or f**k it, just take it literally and show up in just your underwear!

Get it bright get it tight

Guests wear either very bright or very tight fitting clothes.  Bonus points if you find a way to do both.  In addition to some very sexy outfits, you’re also bound to get a few guests dressed in onesies.

How to Throw an AWESOME Party

Written on December 28, 2013 at 4:55 pm, by

1. People.

The number one thing that makes a party awesome is the people you have there.  If you have awesome people, you will have an awesome party.  If you have lame people, well, your party still has the potential to be awesome if you follow the rest of these steps to break them out of their shells.

To get awesome people to your party, Three Ladieseither be friends with awesome people, or be friends with people who know awesome people and tell them to invite those people to your party too.  And don’t be afraid to reach out to people you’ve been wanting to meet – whether it’s that cute girl who sits in front of you in calculus or that dude down the hall who just seems like he knows how to have a good time.  You’d be surprised (or maybe not) at what college students may do for a party and the possibility of free alcohol.  Your party can be a great way to get the in with the girl or the start of a great friendship.  Oh, and if you (or your friends) know hot girls, invite them too.  It’s no secret that attractive women attract a crowd.

In addition to making sure you have awesome people on the guest list, be sure to invite your close friends early to pregame.  No one wants to be the first one to walk into an empty party, so make sure your good friends are already there.  Having them over to pregame will get things going and set the tone right from the start.

2. Alcohol.

While you can still have a great party without alcohol, it definitely helps.  Why?  Alcohol lowers inhibitions – meaning people are more willing to do things they normally wouldn’t.  It makes it easier to meet new people, dance, and let loose – all positive things for a good party.  Too much of it on the other hand…well just be prepared to clean up some vomit afterwards.

In addition, alcohol is a sure way to make sure people show up.  If it’s a party for close friends, it may not matter all that much.  But if you want to tailor the party to all those friends of friends or cute girls you don’t really know but invited anyways – tell them there will be alcohol.  And if you want to see who your really good friends are, see who sticks around after the keg runs dry.  Want to end a party early and get rid of all the randoms?  Tell people there’s no more booze.  Hopefully by this point you’ve sealed the deal with that cute girl…

3. Music.

Every great party has a great playlist.  Music pumps people up, gets them in the mood, and gets people dancing.  Not convinced?  Watch this video and try to resist getting into it…

Not the best at picking out music or don’t have the time to create a playlist?  No problem. lets you browse and listen to top playlists created by other users.  You can search by genre (party, 80s, homework, etc.) to fit the mood or theme, and the best part is, you don’t need to download any of the songs.  As long as you have an internet connection, just click play.  College Party Guru also has some great pre-made playlists geared towards different types of party settings.  And if you want to create your own playlist without having to worry about downloading songs, try Grooveshark.

4. Consider a Theme.

Lady Cleavage

“I’m up here”

Most college students love a theme party.  For many, it’s a chance for people to dress up and to be something they are usually not.  A theme can help people let loose and be a great conversation starter.  Something like a lingerie party can also be a way to get people to come dressed in very sexy attire and really get the party going… (click here for list of top party themes)

5. Games. 

Conversation and dancing is great, but if you really want to take your party to the next level, consider having fun things for guests to do.  Games or competitions can be a fun way to get people excited about something or interact with new people.  It also gives less social people an excuse to do something besides sit around and look awkward.  (click here for a list of the top 10 drinking games)

6. Invites. 

If no one knows about your party, they won’t come.  If you have it on a Tuesday before finals, 2 or 3 people may come.  Make sure to pick a good day – typically a Friday or Saturday, where not much else is going on.  The best way to notify the majority of people is probably a facebook invite.  Consider making it a private event if you don’t want random people (or even the police – some university cops have facebook accounts for that reason) to know about it.  Be sure to follow up that invite with text messages to all the people that you really want to be there.  If you are throwing a more formal party, consider using evite or even handing out formal invitations to add to the formal atmosphere.

7. Food. 

If it’s your typical college party, food won’t really be that big of a deal.  Maybe a couple loaves of Wonderbread to soak up the alcohol in the stomachs of those who drank too much.  If you’re throwing a more formal party or casual get together, the food may be one of the main events.  For these, look to  Pinterest allows users to “pin” cool things and ideas to their virtual pin board, which they can then share with the rest of the online community.  A large portion of these pins are delicious, creative and simple appetizers that are sure to be a hit at your party.

8. Protect your house. 

Unfortunately, parties are an easy time for guests to steal things, random people to hook up in your bed, and fragile things to get broken.  So be sure to lock up your valuables, lock up your room, and put away anything that can easily be broken.

9. Party favors/items.

If you want to be that party that people are talking about all year, do something epic.  If it’s during the summer and can be held out doors, consider a giant slip and slide, a bounce house, or a kiddie pool filled with jello (link).  If you have a place that won’t get ruined by a little foam, that will be one they talk about for ages.  Don’t want to go as big?  Consider a fog machine, black lights, disco ball, laser lights, or karaoke machine.  Or maybe try giving a few guests a ReliveTONIGHT party cam, collect them at the end of the night, and then piece together hilarious clips of footage to make a video you can share with guests to help them remember the awesome night.  Or click here to check out other cool $hit.

10. Beware of the consequences. 

Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen.  If you can’t afford to deal with the consequences, think twice about having a party.  The two most common reasons parties get busted are noise complaints, and people lingering around outside.  To eliminate 90% of this risk, notify your neighbors ahead of time, give them your number and tell them to call you if they have any issues.  Or even better, make friends with them and invite them.  Consider having someone bite the bullet and monitor who comes in.  They can keep the sketch balls from coming in, keep a lookout for cops, and encourage people to go back inside if they’re lingering out front.  If you will be serving alcohol at your party, you may even try a wristband system, where only those 21+ get a wrist band and should be getting alcohol.  If you’re worried about supplying to minors, make it a BYOB party.  You may not get as many people to come, but most likely your close friends will still come and the riff raff won’t.

If the police do come, turn off the music and tell everyone to stay calm and quiet.  Have your sober roommate (or most sober) step outside to talk to them.  This way they’re not trying to convince the cops that everything’s cool while some wasted dude is in the background doing a beer bong and flipping them the bird.  If you have someone outside the door already, even better.  They may be able to deal with the cops (who may have just come to tell you to keep it down) without even ever opening the door for them to see the mayhem going on inside.

And even more important than making sure the cops don’t come is making sure everyone stays safe.  Ensure people have a safe way of getting home.  Post numbers for cabs on the door on the way out.  Tell unruly guests or those who drank too much that they need to leave.  And if someone drinks too much to the point where their health may be in danger, don’t be afraid to call for help.  A drinking ticket is much better than the alternative.

Just remember, have the time of your life, but be responsible while doing it.

Drinking Game: ‘Beer Blow’

Written on November 8, 2012 at 9:13 pm, by

Beer Blow

Needed Tools: Deck of CardsEmpty Bottle

Players: 2+

Need a simple drinking game with a moderate pace that takes almost no time to learn? All you need is a deck of cards, a beer bottle (or can) and some people who want to party.

The deck of cards is placed on the bottle. Each player takes turns blowing cards off the deck on the bottle. The one who blows the last card off the bottle has to drink one glass of beer.

Variation: If somebody spots an ace among the cards a player blew off – that player has to drink once. So if someone blows down a bunch of cards and two aces are visible that person would drink twice.